Product testimonials from our Fluid Hair stylists


"NouNou part of the Davies Essentials line, is a shampoo & conditioner set that is amazing for dry, damaged and brittle hair. The product itself is thicker than many other shampoos and conditioners and the condition can double as a great treatment."

"Alchemic Line - this line of shampoos and conditioning treatments are great for colour treated hair. With a range of different hues, it gives options to refresh and maintain your colours between visits."

"Oi Line by Davises - we have always loved and will continue to love the entire Oi line. It's super hydrating and reparative properties are unlike any other."


"Jackpot styling crème is a fantastic all around styling product. With heat protectants built in, it allows for a smooth blow-dry every time!"

"Grid structural setting spray is one of those products our salon can't live without. It adds texture and hold, helping your blowout stay all day!"

"Dallas thickening spray is amazing! You can get so much more lift and volume with just a simple spray at the root. Like every R+Co product, there's heat protectant built in."

"Park Ave is a blowout balm that has no weight to it. Smoothing the hair while adding moisture and volume. This is a perfect take home product - you can't use it wrong."

"High Dive moisture and shine crème is a leave in conditioner with extra oils. It smooths, adds shine, seals the hair, and drowns out frizz. This product is dual use; you can let it air dry or blow-dry it in."

"Chiffon styling mousse is the perfect lightweight mousse for volume, body and shine. With no added weight to the hair, it's the perfect choice for soft girly curls on any length of hair."



"Beard oil is great for all men, whether they're macho or metro. It's very soothing, 100% organic and best of all locally made in Edmonton!"



"Night Rider is an easy to use, matte, moldable clay. It holds hair exactly where you want it without the sheen of many other pomades, waxes or gels."

"Bedroom Hair became an absolute favourite for every stylist when it was released. Not only is it a great daily use hairspray, but it smells absolutely amazing."

"Doo.Over is fabulous if your hair needs a little refresher. Great for people with fine hair. It has the right amount of hold, its lightweight, no sticky residue and adds a bit of dry shampoo!"

"Blonde.Angel treatment is an absolutely M U S T for our ashy blondes and platinums. As one of the most effective and pigmented toning shampoos available, Blonde.Angel cuts the brass right out --> and if left on long enough, it can even give a temporary lavender."

"Young Again oil is one of our all-time faves, especially in the harsh Edmonton winter. It can be used as a leave-in treatment for wet hair or on dry hair for added moisture."

"Powder.Puff is an instant poof in a jar by adding volume and body to all hair types - especially fine hair. Pro-tip: if your front bangs ever get that "split" in them, a little Powder.Puff will keep that hair together."